Student Announcements

Friday, May 26th 2017

• Our 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony will be on Thursday, June, 15th at 5:30pm in the North Salem High School Auditorium, followed by our 8th Grade Celebration at Parrish Middle School at 6:30pm. In order for you to participate in the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony and Celebration, you will need to maintain behavior that is consistent with the Salem-Keizer School District behavior policy. Students receiving major discipline referrals OR multiple, minor referrals (including tardies), in this final 6-week grading period will not be allowed to participate in both the promotion and the celebration. We will be notifying parents/guardians and students if the you are at-risk of not meeting this requirement. We fully expect every student to be successful and we are looking forward to a great final two months of the school-year!

• Eighth grade girls attending North Salem High school and wanting to play volleyball, open gyms are Tuesdays and Fridays from 5-7 at North. This will start June 2nd. Any further information see Mrs. Norris. Any volleyball players there is a free clinic at North June 16th for grades 5-7.

• 3rd period PE, bring binders today for binder check. Thanks

• Attention students Cherriots will offering a 2017 Summer Youth pass for only $40.

o Routes will be able to take you to places such as The Hoop, Keizer Station, Get Air Salem, The Rock Box, The Kroc Center etc.

• 8th graders interested in Xcountry next year at North Salem High School, there is an informational meeting next Wednesday at North in room 209 at 2:45. There will be a drawing for prizes and tons of information for those competing at high school! If you would like more information see Mrs. Norris or Mr. Fry. Not too early to be thinking about fall sports!

• Fidgets
o Will be clean: Should not leave a mess behind.
o Will be silent: Must not draw attention to you.
o Will be subtle: Should not distract or bother others.
o Will be individual: Not be shared with others.
o Fidgets being misused can be taken by the teacher.

• Attention 8th grade girls going to South High School they be hosting summer basketball for incoming freshman and High School players.
o Date: Tuesday May 30th- June 1st
o Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm
o Location South Salem High School Annex Gym (Howard St)
o Tryouts are free, once teams are formed the cost to play for the season is 65$

• Come Support Parrish Football by buying candy after school in room 103

• Attention Students interested in Basketball North Salem will be hosting a basketball camp on June 26th-28th from 1pm-4pm.
o Camp is only $40
o Includes camp t-shirt
o Go to the office for more information

• Students- as the weather becomes warmer, dress code expectations are still in effect. Please be aware that you will be asked to change if you are wearing the following:
o Tank tops or other tops that do not come to the edge of the shoulder and/or are cut low under the arm, expose the stomach or parts of the back.
o Shorts and dresses that are above the mid-thigh
o Pants with holes above the mid thigh
o These expectations are for boys and girls. If you do not have clothing to change into, you will be asked to call home. Repeated dress code violations do result in discipline consequences.

• Attention students, please remember that all food and drink are to be kept in the cafeteria. This includes hot and cold drinks bought before school. They must be consumed in the cafeteria before you head to the gym or to class – and are not an excuse to be tardy. At lunchtime, you must finish your lunch in the cafeteria before heading to the gym. Students who bring food into the gym will be sent back to the cafeteria and will lose their gym privilege for the day.
o Also If you are NOT involved in an after-school event, you need to leave school by 2:30. If you are still in the building and do not have an afterschool program bracelet on, or are under the supervision of a teacher, you will be asked to leave.

Reminder Students
• Phones, ear buds, and electronics must be out of sight and turned off from 7:35am-2:15pm