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Student Announcements

Announcements November 18

• Missed the North Salem Camp, but want to give wrestling a try before the season starts. Parrish is hosting a 3-week wrestling camp for all middle schoolers starting after Thanksgiving Break. See Coach Howard, Coach Scott, or any of our 8th grade wresting leaders for more information.

• The Scholastic Book Fair starts today!
Stop by the library before and after school to check out all the cool stuff!

• Future Vikings Boys Basketball Team Tryouts
o 6,7, & 8th graders invited to tryout.
o For more information, pick up a flyer from the clear case outside the front office.
• SKEF Winter Basketball: Practice & Game Info.
o Practice begins week of 12/16
o Teams practice 2x per week
o Games (9 total ) Saturday’s Begins 1/11
o Final Game 3/14
o Pick up a flyer in the front office.

• If you don’t need your binder for class, leave it in YOUR LOCKER. If it gets confiscated and taken to the Lost and Found, you will not be able to get it back until your free time during lunch. Do not go to the office between periods to get your binder back.

• Students, please remember many students and staff members have severe allergies or asthma. These medical conditions are worsened by the presence of perfumes, cologne, and/or body sprays. Please remember, perfumes, colognes and body sprays are prohibited at school. If you have these items at school, please make sure to take them home with you. If you are caught with them, they may be confiscated.

• Activity bus.
Bus will depart between 4:35 and 4:40 every day and will run Monday thru Thursday only. The bus will stop at Grant, Highland, Hoover, Englewood and the Boys and Girls Club on Summer Street.

• Students – you must exit the building by 2:30 unless you are in an after-school activity or in a sport. If you are waiting for a sport event to start, you need to exit the building and go to the gym side of the building.

• The office phone if for emergency purposes only. Please ask politely to use the phone and state the reason.